Kitchen Design Specialists In Melbourne

At Blackburn Kitchens, our kitchen design services consist of everything you need from a kitchen specialist. We work to realise your dream kitchen by bringing your designs to life. A kitchen renovation undergoes a simple 3-step process to give you a satisfying experience.

This includes:

Planning – Understanding your kitchen requirements
Designing – Bringing out your personality and style
Constructing – Putting everything together both professionally and efficiently

Kitchens Designed For You

At Blackburn Kitchens we are custom design specialists that would love to help you create your dream kitchen. No job is too big or too small, our kitchen designer will carefully measure your kitchen space and design a plan suited to your needs and requirements to work within your budget. Visit our showroom today to see our quality kitchens and materials on display.

Bespoke Designs to Suit You

rustic graphic. light grey diamond with dark grey 3-paned wooden floorboards.

Choose a welcoming, rural style to create an inviting environment.

family graphic. light grey diamond with dark grey mum & dad and light grey child in between them

For those with families, we design kitchens for cooks of all ages.

design graphic. light grey diamond with dark grey pencil & clear ruler with dark grey lining crossed

Looking for a cutting edge design? Then let us give you that modern feel.

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Contact us about your kitchen today,

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